Blog Closed

This blog is CLOSED!
No further posts will appear.


1.Due to continued persistent harassment from another blogger I have chosen to close this blog down and work on other hockey writing endeavours. I will solely focus on my two blogs that I write for official NHL team sites, and my monthly column.

2. All posts from this blog have been archived. If you wish permission to use any material from the posts please contact me at

3. The blog name 'HockeyNutz', the blog address '' are all being kept reserved to prevent that harassing blogger from taking over this spot.

4. The blogger ID 'HockeyNutz' and the blue private eye profile pic will not be used by me on any other blog or internet site. Any further use of these items is by a blogger imposter, the same one that has harassed this blog for over a year.

5. Thank you for reading over the past 2 years! It has been a wild ride!